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Listings for Biasiswa Lepasan STPM (149)

Biasiswa Lepasan STPM



Biasiswa British Council GREAT Scholarships 2023

In order to support more Malaysian students to study in the UK, the British Council, together with five UK universities, has launched the GREAT Scholarships 202...



Biasiswa Khas Dato` Menteri Besar Selangor

Biasiswa Khas Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor dan Pinjaman Boleh Ubah Luar Negara merupakan biasiswa penuh dan pinjaman boleh ubah untuk yang layak bagi pengajian ...



Plenitude Scholarship

NURTURING FUTURE TALENTS At Plenitude, we believe that quality education is the route to a better life. The ...



TAR UMT Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarship The TAR UMT Merit Scholarship is awarded to outstanding Malaysian students in the form of tuition fee waiver of up to 100%. Candidates...



Biasiswa Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera

UPDATED! PERMOHONAN BIASISWA YAYASAN PENERAJU Tenaga kerja berkemahiran tinggi terutamanya dalam bidang perakaunan bertauliah dijangk...



Daikin Malaysia Group Scholarship Programme

Scholarship details Overview Daikin, the world's no. 1 air conditioning company, is offering a scholarship to eligible students who have already gai...



Biasiswa Behn Meyer AgriCare Education Fund Scholarship

Scholarship details Overview Behn Meyer AgriCare ("BMA") has a very long history of supporting the Malaysian agriculture industry and is in the forefr...



Biasiswa Gadang Scholarship

Gadang is recognized as one of the leading companies catapulting Malaysia’s development into greater heights. Our core business encompasses the areas of Constru...



Biasiswa KLK Scholarship

Scholarship details Yayasan KLK, a foundation established by KLK, offers scholarships to high-achieving young Malaysians who are studying or have gained a pl...



Lion-Parkson Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship details Overview It is the Lion Group‘s aspiration to contribute to the country‘s educational and human resources development. To support thi...

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